Technology As A Foundation and Tomorrow’s Expectations

Technology As A Foundation & Tomorrow’s Expectations

Chapter 1: Overview
For as long as I can remember, technology has played an integral role in my well-being. Technology has been a foundation of constant and energetic learning, resound rendering, and more.
What do we mean?
Just take a look around the world!
iPhone, Android
MacBook Pro
Premiere Pro
and more!

Technology allows you to enter all worlds from 1-dimensional thoughts to 4-dimensional realities. The process of the creation is almost divine because to have to build from the ground up is no easy task, whether it is building up from code or building up from blocks of 3D clay. The goal is clear: the rendering output must be a profound production.

Technology has taught me a lot of things for example, patience is a virtue. Without it, one can essentially drop a million dollar project on the side just to make ends meet for the moment. But with patience and diligent work and the proper effort, victory is eminent.

What is there to expect tomorrow?
It seems we have seen it all, but hardly the case. Technology is so intricate that it covers many aspects, from healthcare to day-to-day-living. I think that we are just getting started to see the effects and the powers of technology. Our most craziest conceptions of today will be easy pickings for tomorrow’s future, can you imagine that? That is certainly the case looking back for the past 50 years. In 1967, who knew we would be zooming so fast on the cloud, tweeting pics of “nudes” to friends across instagram and snapchat! Wow, that is like traveling in time or a similar experience, it can be “euphoric” to today’s energy (aka young people). In 1967, (according to OnThisDay.Com) people were still jamming out and in a frenzy about The Beatles and lets not forget another milestone in technology, the FIRST HUMAN HEART TRANSPLANT performed by Dr. Christian Barnard in South Africa! It seems medicine and technology are closely related, almost working in unison to achieve the ultimate goal of a profound production/result.
In 50 years…
Perhaps we will be sending holograms via “air-mail” which is supposedly 100x faster than fiber, basically your 200GB karaoke video of you nonsensically dancing with your girl’s underwear on your head will be sent at a lightning speed of .0001 seconds, approximately 3 hours of footage! Who can record for this long is not in question at the moment, I know a couple of people :). Back to the point at hand, “cloud” will become so fast, and prices will inflate so high that it will be a virtual reality of a world, a skyscraper of a land, with noone visible in the street, everyone sitting comfortable in their living quarters, never having to drive any longer to go to work, now you can work “virtually” from home! Of course there will be jobs where hands-on cannot be avoided, but for the most part, most desk jobs will have a virtual work station that can be integrated into a room. Does that mean that we are trained in this generation to have an “office” in order to evolve into using that said office as a virtual work station? We will find out soon enough…
Anyhow, what more does the future hold? Quicker transfer devices, higher depth photo and video, stronger and smaller smartphones and smartwatches put together into one device along with music player, etc. Basically one device will control everything for you. Imagine having to ask a device “Rosie” for every single thing you want? Well we are close! 50 years from now, we will be literally living like the Jetsons.

To be continued…

Amazon to Buy Whole Foods in $13.4 Billion Deal

Amazon said on Friday that it had agreed to buy the upscale grocery chain Whole Foods for $13.4 billion, as the online retailer looks to conquer new territory in the supermarket aisle.

For Amazon, the deal marks an ambitious push into the mammoth grocery business, an industry that in the United States accounts for around $700 to $800 billion in annual sales. Amazon is also amplifying the competition with Walmart, which has been struggling to play catch-up to the online juggernaut.

For Whole Foods, the deal represents a chance to fend off pressure from activist investors frustrated by a sluggish stock price. Whole Foods last month unveiled a sweeping overhaul of its board, replacing five directors, naming a new chairwoman and bringing in a new chief financial officer. It also laid out plans to improve operations and cut costs.

With Amazon, Whole Foods gets a deep-pocketed owner with significant technological expertise and a willingness to invest aggressively in a quest for dominance.